The upstairs part is completely renovated with a very extensive and luxurious Kitchen (combi steamer, microwave/oven, ceramic hob),
underfloor heating, a modern fireplace.

Living room / Kitchen / Hall and toilet/bathroom with steam shower

  2 rooms with a double bed
  1 room with 2 single beds
  1 room with a bunk bed.
  One bathroom with a "rain-shower"

This apartment has a large balcony, sofa, tables/chairs, outside tap and gas BBQ and a second balcony on the first floor.
The tenants of the upper floor can use the garage and, with a little parking skill, 2 extra parking spaces in front of the garage door. Possibly there are also free parking spaces a hundred meters further down.

We rent the house standard for 8 people. We also have more, but then we have to sleep on mattresses on the floor/baby beds (for hands) and it gets a bit full.